Request for Imperial Iranian Armed Forces insignia and uniform

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Request for Imperial Iranian Armed Forces insignia and uniform

Post  DKW3 on Sun 06 Feb 2011, 7:07 pm

Hi everybody, Can anybody here provide a detailed description of the rank insignia and uniform system used by the Imperial Iranian armed forces. I have not been able to find a detailed one in the web but I noticed a thread on the imperial gendarmerie in this forum, so perhaps more light could be shed on this topic here.


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Iraq kingdom

Post  wfrad on Mon 07 Feb 2011, 10:58 am

For the army ranks,try here;


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Re: Request for Imperial Iranian Armed Forces insignia and uniform

Post  buistR on Mon 07 Feb 2011, 8:11 pm

There is suprisingly little information available now on what was a very formidable military machine. On the eve of the Shah's overthrow (1978), Imperial Iranian uniforms were described in summary as follows:

"The standard Iranian army uniform is a short khaki jacket with brass buttons, khaki trousers and either garrison or field cap; officers' uniform differs little except in distinctive cap insignia and rank insignia. A woollen winter uniform is worn for one season only in the colder parts of the country. There are a variety of functional uniforms for special duties - armoured troops, flying personnel, ski troops, etc - and special ceremonial uniforms of a more traditional design. Officers' dress uniforms are ornate with capes, swords, epaulettes, tassels and gold belts".

"Air force uniforms are similar to the army except that they are blue in winter and have light-blue caps and belts in summer. Naval uniforms for officers and men confirm to the usual naval patterns". (John Keegan, World Armies, ISBN 0-333-17236-1).

In "Armies of the Middle East" published in 1979 (ISBN 0 85059 326 3), Otto Von Pivka provides illustrations of Imperial Army collar badges (crossed cannon for artillery, an advancing tank for armour, crossed sabres for cavalry, flaming grenade for infantry etc) plus details of badges of rank for officers (mostly gold stars) and NCOs (white upward pointing chevrons worn on the upper sleeve). The book is out of print but should be available in libraries.


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