British Napoleonic Uniforms

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British Napoleonic Uniforms

Post  wfrad on Sun 03 Jan 2010, 12:16 am

British Napoleonic Uniforms, The First Complete Illustrated Guide to Uniforms, Facings and Lace.
With around 330 pages including index it is quite a comprehensive guide to British Ďarmyí uniforms.
A complete guide to British Napoleonic Uniforms should have included the Navy but Iím being a little pedantic.
Like most books on the subject there are contradictions, one is the facing lace of my former county regiment the 68th [DLI], showing yellow inner white black outer, which is correct, but many books show white inner edge, red line, white broad, green line, white outer line. I believe the lace changed to that in around 1809 on becoming light infantry but I'm not sure.

No book can ever have all the facts especially since there are so many contradictions regarding what was worn compared to what should have being worn, also artistic licence among artist doesnít help the cause of accuracy.

Included in the book in their own sections and not just part of an illustrations:
Cavalry & infantry Headwear
Cavalry & infantry Coats and Jackets.
Cavalry & infantry garments and footwear.
Cavalry horse furniture, swords and carbines.
Infantry garments, footwear, tartans and accoutrements such as slings, belts, packs and cartridge pouches.
Infantry swords, carbines and muskets.
Cavalry and infantry illustrations of officers and other ranks uniforms including lace, ending in an appendix on rank distinctions which also shows examples of gorgets, breastplates sashes and wings.

This book is a very good in my opinion, for what thatís worth!
Look around for a good price as you can find copies for about half the cover price.


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