Chile Army wear new 'Stahlhelm'

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Chile Army wear new 'Stahlhelm'

Post  Les-Art on Sat 05 Sep 2009, 6:45 am

Hi Guys,
Remember a thread on South American forces wearing german 'stahlhelm' helmets ,well thought it might be of interest to see that the Chilean Army have gone one better and are now wearing the modern version of these helmets.
Here is a recent military parade inspected by a US Navy senior rank in 2007 from Flickr:
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If you look closely at the helmets they appear to be outlined in a thin line to highlight the older shape but they are clearly currently produced ballistic helmets of the same type used by the US Army, the 'Fritz' helmet as it is commonly known.

The rest of the uniform is clearly influenced by the Traditions of the German Army, even down to the shape of the eppaulets and the new version of 1910 leather ammo cases and belts.



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Re: Chile Army wear new 'Stahlhelm'

Post  ChrisF202 on Sat 05 Sep 2009, 8:10 am

Wow, very sharp uniforms Cool

The Chilean military seems to be very heavily German influenced. The uniforms especially so. Prussian Gloria was the favorite military marching song during the Pinochet era.


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