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Post  wfrad on Wed 08 Apr 2009, 8:31 am

For those of you who like me has a hard-drive with many disorganised files. Iíve been looking for a basic file manager to re-name and drag and drop files across drives.
One of the best file viewers that I know of is IrfanView, saying that, one of the problems with IrfanView is the default copying of files when dragging across drives and folders.
I have just found Photo Manager 2008 standard. ,
A simple to use file manager, that allows renaming and dragging along with a straight forward design.
Anyone wishing for a file manager to do the basics may find this program ideal. IrfanView is superior in most ways, more bells and whistles, but Iíve found this program better for simple renaming and sorting.
If I practised what I preached to my daughters then I wouldnít need to organise my files, I donít think Iíll ever learn that being lazy always ends up with having to do twice as much in the end.


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