Another Win 10 Update

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Another Win 10 Update

Post  wfrad on Thu 06 Oct 2016, 3:25 am

Microsoft strike again, latest Windows 10 update has deleted programs, all my old Win 7 games for example and forced dozens of unwanted apps onto me.
Fortunately CCleaner managed to remove quite a few of the apps, including bloody Xbox.
Anyone who still likes and plays the old Windows games needn't worry, they still are available and have also been upgraded to work on Win10.
The arrogant B******s at Microsoft with their 'we know what's best' policy really are getting above themselves.
Noticed how many internet apps have appeared along with adverts in the so called free apps.  
Most of the apps are impossible to delete, those that you manage to delete reappear with the next update.
What happened to the concept of letting the user choose what they required?
Sorry, daft question, it ended when Microsoft realised that you would only use the good, and there is some good but if they didn't force feed you the crap you wouldn't eat it.


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