Admin problems

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Admin problems

Post  wfrad on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 3:46 am

Has anyone contact information for admin/founder member?
Has anyone else tried to contact admin and failed?
Does anyone else have any admin rights?

The only way to have someone to moderate the forum is by them being appointed by the administrator.  No administrator means no control.

The next option, that's a little drastic, would be to contact the site owners and have someone take over as administration due to lack of activity on the part of the founder.

As far as I'm aware no-one has the ability to run a poll regarding how to precede on this problem which makes it a little awkward.

If it's not possible to contact admin to have someone appointed as a moderator, then the only way to have the ability to police the forum would be for someone to take over.
If that happens, that individual would gain full control, although could possibly hand control back if the admin/founding member wishes to take back control.  

Other than three or four, Is anyone else even bothered!


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