Otago Mounted Rifles, New Zealand

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Otago Mounted Rifles, New Zealand

Post  Greatscott on Sun 27 May 2012, 5:54 am

Hi Guys

Just published is a history of the Otago Mounted Rifles called Troopers Tales. This unit traced its orgins back to the 1860's during the gold rush era in Otago. (Bottom half of the South Island of New Zealand).
It supplied volunteers to the NZ Contingients that served in the Boer War and served under it's own name in WW1. Present at Galipolli and on Western Front making a mounted charge during the Battle of Messines. Served in WW2 mounted and then as armour at home while supplying men to 2NZEF.

Several of us combinded under the leadership of Editor Dr Don McKay to write it. My effort being chapter 2 and other contrbutions throughout the book.

If anyone would like a copy the are NZ $69.95 + postage and can be purchased from me if you wish at graham@thescott.co.nz.


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